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The format

Sound Democracy is a weekly show, each series consisting in 12 shows of 35 min (excluding commercial breaks).
Sound Democracy can be enjoyed as well when re-broadcasted. The online game remains live, the live concert pre-recorded. Just few variations of the prize winning policy but the same fun.


Is the show scalable?

The pilot has been shot with all the game features “on” to showcase the full potentials.

But starting from the title, the format is indeed very flexible and scalable. It can be simplified and fully harmonized with the local needs with a large array of versions and declinations.

Declinations of the TV format include SMS-only and pre-recorded versions, made to suit to different markets and mobile ecosystems. 

Please email us if you want to receive full documentation of all available format declinations for TV, RADIO and LIVE EVENT. 


What happens on stage?

At first, the guest artists introduce themselves performing live their latest single. After a short interview, they enter the interactive game which will lead to the creation of a new track or remix.


How does the interactive game work?

The interactive game consists in two parts:

STAGE ONE, “listen and decide”: the audience decides from home how to shape the track being played by the artist on stage.

STAGE TWO, “follow the music“: the artist performs a jam session based on the music options chosen in the previous stage by the audience, which now tries to follow the music playing a challenging rhythm game. 


How’s the technology behind the show?

Sound Democracy comes with its own proprietary technology suite.

The system ensures no latency, and even in presence of heavy latency problems, it knows how to deal with the issue, tolerate the latency (both when receiving and transmitting) and elaborate all game data properly in order to keep all the delayed users in the game. 


What is the target audience of the show?

Sound Democracy is mainly targeting the “millennial” generation 12-34.

Focus groups have been used intensively during the format development to test and debug all playing dynamics and give shape to the entertaining experience of both simple viewers and participant viewers.

Strong focus is always kept on entertaining the NON-participant viewers with an exclusive live music performance.


Why the show is an effective business machine?

The profitability of the format is based on multiple revenue streams. A flexible business model that adapts with the local broadcasting ecosystem and market.

Together with the usual advertising model, the format offers to the hosting channel new sources of revenues starting from target advertising opportunities on the second screen.
Revenue sharing opportunities are available on events and parallel branded activities.

Strong community builder tools and advanced CRM features stimulate cross selling via the web & mobile store. 


Why great artists and bands join Sound Democracy?

The concept of the show is already collecting a large consensus among international established music artists who manifested full interest in taking part in Sound Democracy.

Sound Democracy is a unique exhibition platform for both famous and emerging contemporary artists & bands, who can perform live and promote their latest music, entering a free dimension where to open and share their music with the fans. 


Also a Live Tour and a Radio show?

TV apart, Sound Democracy’s format has an amazing potential in its adaptation for Radio and as Live Music Event.

For Live Events, the format has been customized to suit at best the entertainment dynamics of a large live concert.
The role of the presenter has been reduced, leaving to the artist the freedom to interact with the public, and particular light design has been integrated in the game to make the performance even more spectacular. 


Why viewers should download the App?

Free to download, free to play.

Great prizes to win if you are among the best players.

Cool prizes to win just by participating and playing casually.

Taking part in the music creation of one of your favorite band.

Download the newly created track and get access to the web portal full of fan club-only promotions.

Enter the community and challenge the other participant players.