You just need to send a text message (SMS) or log on to get instantly the free App and start playing. 

The App transforms your mobile into a remote controller with four colored buttons (except if you play with a laptop).

Your eyes mainly focused on the TV screen, with the hands holding the controller, like when playing a console game.

Your mobile is now an “ENERGY SHOOTER”, as said with four coloured buttons, each one with its own energy symbol. By using the “SHOOTER” you can express yourself sending your “ENERGY” to the artists on stage. With shooting the “ENERGY”, you can compose the song along with the band (in Stage One) and score points during the jam session (Stage Two).

The music game consists in two different stages:

STAGE ONE, “listen and decide”

One by one, each musician plays two music options (two options per round). FIRST LISTEN, and then DECIDE which of the two options you want to keep in the song. SHOOT your energy to make your choice. Choose A or B. And remember, majority wins.

STAGE ONE is formed by four rounds. At the end of each round, the results of the energy shooting are displayed in overlay.
In this part of the game, a limited amount of energy is available for shooting and each energy button has a different potential of points.

Game points in Stage One

FLASH = 20 shots >>> 250 pts
HEART = 3 shots >>> 5000 pts
STAR = 7 shots >>> 2500 pts
EXCLAMATION MARK = 20 shots >>> 250 pts

When out of shots, the energy button disappears, for reappearing before the beginning of STAGE TWO.

If your preference of a music option meets the majority of preferences expressed by the audience, the points scored in a round are validated to the next round.

Strategy for STAGE ONE
In STAGE ONE, strategy is a key in order to reach STAGE TWO with a fair amount of points. The most valuable energy shots (in terms of points) should be kept and used carefully at the right time.

STAGE TWO: “follow the music“

Watch out for the overlay and SHOOT the right colour at the right time. Be fast!

STAGE TWO is formed by two rounds, with a bonus time in between. In this stage the artist performs a jam session based on the music options chosen by the audience in STAGE ONE.

Each musician or instrument is associated with one of the four energy button. Following the development of the music performance, when an energy symbol appears on the TV screen, you have to push the same energy symbol on the App.

STAGE TWO is time critical; the faster the shot is sent, the more points are earned.

The perfect play happens when you manage to deduce what symbol is coming next, pushing the right buttons while keeping on the music beat.

The on-the-fly deduction is fully possible, at first, because the sequence of coloured symbols follows simple logical cycles which are repeated several times during the performance, secondly because of the natural progression of the music performance (during the guitar solo the camera will certainly stay on the guitar!).

Game points in Stage Two

Perfect (within 0,2 sec) = 1000 pts
Almost (within 0,4 sec) = 500 pts
Post (from 0,4 till the next) = 250 pts
Multi-shot = 100 pts per shot

Strategy for STAGE TWO

Strategy wise, you can choose to take risks with many guessing or staying safe with scoring lower points by shooting with a minimum delay, after having seen which symbol appears on the TV screen.
In this part of the game, the amount of energy available for shooting is unlimited and each energy button has the same potential of points.

Single and Multi-shot mode
The “ENERGY” can be shot in single mode (one touch), or in multi-shot (multi touch). When you are requested to shoot in multi-shot mode, the energy symbol blinks in overlay over the band member or instrument in the current camera shot.

Bonus time
It comes in between the two rounds. At that time, you are asked to shoot the same sequence of energy symbols as seen on TV overlay. 

Difficulty level
STAGE TWO has different difficulty level, displayed on overlay, depending on the level of complexity of the jam session.

Playing with text messages
Everyone can participate and play with SOUND DEMOCRACY with any kind of mobile phone by sending SMS messages. 

When sending the first SMS for participating, an explanation on how to play with text messages comes along with the first SMS received.
In STAGE ONE, you can send “A” or “B” to a short code number to express your choice, in STAGE TWO, SMS gaming is available only during the BONUS TIME, where the sequence of letters and numbers appearing on TV has to be matched and sent via SMS within a time limit. 

Users playing via text messages compete in a parallel ranking. The best SMS player is awarded with a prize while all SMS game participants are entitled to enter the lucky draw along with all the other online participants.